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The 2012 Formula 1 Constructors' Google Champion

Which formula 1 team gets the most searches on Google?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve compiled a couple of charts to illustrate which formula 1 drivers are most popular with fans, firstly based on worldwide Google searches and then as a follow up based on number of Google searches in their home countries.  You can find the results at the following links:
The 2012 Formula 1 Google Champion!
Which Formula 1 Driver Is Most Popular In His Home Country?

To quickly recap the results, it’s safe to say that all drivers receive significant numbers of Google searches every month and in some cases certain drivers are searched for every five seconds!

To carry on the ‘Google search’ theme, I also decided to investigate the relative popularity of formula 1 teams.  However, this was a slightly more complicated process as the best method of search term to use is open to debate.

If you use the official full title of each team, e.g. Red Bull Racing Renault, then this is likely to produce lower than expected figures as obviously the majority of people searching for details on Red Bull would be unlikely to type out the full name of the team.

If you go to the other extreme and just use the more commonly used shortened title of each team, e.g. Red Bull, then again this is likely to produce inaccurate figures as many of these searches may relate to the Red Bull drink rather than the Red Bull formula 1 team.  On a similar theme, a large percentage of searches made for Ferrari and Mercedes will actually be for Ferrari and Mercedes road cars, rather than the formula 1 teams.

So as a sort of a middle ground I decided to compile the constructors’ Google table based on searches made using the commonly used shortened names of each team but with ‘F1’ also added to the search, e.g. ‘Red Bull F1’, ‘Ferrari F1’.  This is far from being scientific and will exclude a significant number of searches, but there isn’t really a totally satisfactory solution and seeing as how this is just a bit of curious fun in any case, I thought it was the best compromise.

Anyway, here are the results…

Per Month Per Year
Ferrari F1 301,000 3,612,000
McLaren F1 201,000 2,412,000
Lotus F1 90,500 1,086,000
Williams F1 74,000 888,000
Mercedes F1 60,500 726,000
Red Bull F1 60,500 726,000
Sauber F1 33,100 397,200
Caterhm F1 33,100 397,200
HRT F1 22,200 266,400
Marussia F1 14,800 177,600
Force India F1 8,100 97,200
Toro Rosso F1 2,900 34,800

Perhaps not surprisingly, Ferrari emerge on top with McLaren in second place, but it was also interesting to see Williams placed so respectably, and you would have to assume that the history and tradition of Williams, and presumably formula 1 in general, apparently still counts for something with a lot of formula 1 fans.

When you consider the apparent relative figures between the front runners and the back of the grid, it makes you realise just how hard it must be for a tail-ender team to survive in modern formula 1.  As I've already brushed over though, formula 1 fans will be searching for f1 teams via various search terms, so these figures are only the tip of the iceberg.

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To illustrate how the figures rise significantly when the 'F1' tag is omitted, here’s the table based on the commonly used shortened names of each formula 1 team…

Per Month Per Year
Mercedes 30,400,000 364,800,000
Williams 24,900,000 298,800,000
Ferrari 11,100,000 133,200,000
Lotus 7,480,000 89,760,000
Red Bull 5,000,000 60,000,000
McLaren 1,830,000 21,960,000
HRT 1,220,000 14,640,000
Caterham 301,000 3,612,000
Sauber 246,000 2,952,000
Force India 201,000 2,412,000
Marussia 110,000 1,320,000
Toro Rosso 33,100 397,200

As I previously clarified, the figures in the above chart don’t really mean much due to various anomalies, so I’m publishing them purely for the benefit of curiosity.  For example, on first glance you might think to yourself, ‘Hey, HRT are a popular formula 1 team,’ until you realise that perhaps maybe not all of those Google searches were formula 1 related!

And just as a further matter of curiosity, here’s the table based on the official full title of each team…

Per Month Per Year
Mercedes 30,400,000 364,800,000
Ferrari 11,100,000 133,200,000
McLaren Mercedes 135,000 1,620,000
Lotus Renault 33,100 397,200
Williams Renault 18,100 217,200
Sauber Ferrari 2,400 28,800
Red Bull Racing Renault 1,600 19,200
Caterham Renault 1,300 15,600
STR Ferrari 880 10,560
HRT Cosworth 720 8,640
Marussia Cosworth 480 5,760
Force India Mercedes 390 4,680

Just to reiterate, there isn't really a satisfactory way of compiling a 'Google search' chart for formula 1 teams but of the three tables the first table is probably the most representative.

Just as a reminder you can check out the 'Google search' results for formula 1 drivers at the following links:
The 2012 Formula 1 Google Champion!
Which Formula 1 Driver Is Most Popular In His Home Country?

And if you're wondering how the popularity of formula 1 compares with other sports, then check out the following post:
What Are The Most Popular Worldwide Sports Based On Google Searches?

Over the next few weeks I'll get back to the day job of formula 1 betting by analysing the 'break even odds' for the 2012 season in the Winning Driver, Podium Finish, Top Six and Top Ten markets.

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