Monday, 12 August 2013

Hungarian Grand Prix: Bet In Play Odds

The bet in play odds for the leading contenders during the Hungarian Grand Prix

In the end it all seemed relatively straight forward for Lewis Hamilton, but for the first 17 laps of the race it was Sebastian Vettel (and very briefly Romain Grosjean) who were regarded as the favourites by the bookies.

This is the chart which shows the bet in play odds throughout the race:

One interesting point of note is the spike in Lewis Hailton's odds around about laps 10 and 11 when he emerged from his pitstop behind Jenson Button and straight away his odds jumped up.  Fortunately for Lewis he managed to get past Jenson fairly promptly and from that point on it wasn't too long before he had shortened in price to become the bookies' bet in play favourite.  It highlights that if you're going to make any money from 'Bet in Play' betting then you have to be fast to react and able to quickly analyse the state of play.

Although the end result will go down as a missed opportunity for Romain Grosjean, he nevertheless seems to have upped his game from where he was at a few races back, and he can take encouragement from the fact that for the last two Grand Prix he's been priced as one of the top 'bet in play' favourites for at least part of the race.

In the week running up to the Belguim Grand Prix I'll be analysing the form guide to report on the top bets so far this season in various formula 1 betting markets, starting as usual with the Winning Driver market.

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