Monday, 16 March 2015

Twitter's Reaction To Red Bull's Threat To Quit Formula 1

How the twittersphere responded to Helmut Marko's quit threat...

A sneak peak at an early prototype of Red Bull's car for 2016.
It's been a while since I last updated the F1Tips Blog, but I thought I would feature a round-up of the reaction on twitter to the recent quote from Helmut Marko stating that Red Bull 'could contemplate an F1 exit.'

Just in case you've been living under a rock recently, this is what Helmut Marko (advisor to Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz) has said:

“We will evaluate the situation again as every year and look into costs and revenues.  If we are totally dissatisfied we could contemplate an F1 exit.  The danger is there that Mr Mateschitz loses his passion for F1.”

I generally try to show a balanced point of view when posting on this blog, but I have to say that if you search the #F1 streams on twitter, you'll struggle to find too many positive tweets about Red Bull at the moment.

Anyway, here's a sample of how people have reacted to Red Bull's threat to quit F1...

1) "Have Red Bull given up on the F1 season already? The once innovative brand that everyone aspired to sulks because others are better #babies" @SOCWatts

2) "I don't like this tactic, but when you own 2 #F1 teams, people have to listen to this sort of threat." @glenn_autosport

3) "Funny, I don't recall Red Bull calling for rule changes to equalize the field when they were destroying the opposition. #F1" @fast98dodge

4) "#RedBull also vetoed the budget cap, which would have solved their new-found complaint that #F1 is too expensive." @KronaTherm

5) "If Red Bull were to leave #F1, what would be the ramifications of the Concorde agreement? They're signed up until 2020, right?" @I_am_Jamm

6) "Lol @redbullracing threatening to pull out of #F1 ... they didn't say that when Vettel was winning every race did they?" @Psmithy777

7) "Boo Hoo, it's not fair, my car's not best anymore. Change the rules! It wasn't that, when @redbullracing had the dominant car Mr Horner. #F1" @hectorhamish

8) "I dont remember them calling for an 'equalisation mechanism' when they were dominating the sport. If losing, give up kids #RedBull #pathetic" @SOCWatts

9) "Horner adds that the rules are castrating Adrian Newey. Surely that Renault in the back of the red bull is what's negating Newey design #f1" @Khurtizz

10) "No-one threatened to quit when #RedBull had an advantage that they had worked hard to gain. #F1" @TheDriverJohn

11) "Red Bull need to grow up, they are acting like a child throwing their toy out of the pram #F1 #pathetic" @JoshCrick

12) "Don't remember hearing Christian Horner complaining about 1-2 wins ruining F1 when it was Red Bull doing the winning. #F1" @betisehead

13) "So Red Bull racing are throwing a hissy fit about the rules and regulations in F1? Sour grapes? I think so. #F1" @_Potz_

14) "@redbullracing what a joke! Were they unhappy when they dominated #F1 recently for a few years? No!" @RichHilliard1

15) "Slowly losing respect for Christian Horner. He can't blame Renault for his team's performance and then blame the rules? One or the other #f1" @Khurtizz

16) "What does the word "Racing" mean in the @redbullracing name, when they threat to quit #F1 as soon as they don't win? Sport is in turmoil." @realsimonsays

17) "Will @redbullracing ultimately be seen as having destroyed #f1 by taking money from small teams then quitting?" @GinintheCity

18) "Be careful if your driving around Milton Keynes today. Evasive action may be required to avoid toys strewn from a rather large pram #Redbull" @mp4_toffeema

19) "Redbull are such sore losers!!! #F1" @Brayo__ 51s51

20) "@redbullracing it's wrong what you're doing. Change engine supplier or work harder, but don't be unfair by manipulating #F1 to your advantage." @Mitch_F1nut

21) "HAHAHA did not see Red Bull moaning when they were dominating #moaning #getonwithit #f1" @chr1s_lander

22) "@redbullracing should work more and talk less, maybe they have short memory #F1" @rubenvicente

23) "#RedBull #F1 embarrassing you've dominated the sport for 4 years now the shoes on the other foot the dummies been spat out, pathetic." @redsmicer

24) "Think its appaling that #redbull are trying to throw their weight around. They chose their engine - If it doesn't work... Tough!" @siwoolston

25) " was okay for #RedBull to dominate for 3+ years, but it's not fair for Mercedes to do it for 2? #F12015 #RedBullBabies" @adamjn23

26) "Stop crying and live up to the challenge of today! & stop trying to get the rules changed for YOUR benefit #RedBull" @adamjn23

. . . . . . . .

You've probably noticed a theme developing by now, so in the interests of balance, if anyone wants to leave a comment defending Red Bull then feel free to post a reply.  However, I have to say that the tweets above are a pretty accurate representation of what you'll find on twitter right now.

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