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The Singapore Grand Prix: Post-Qualifying Predictions

Formula 1 Tips For The Italian Grand Prix

Please note, this blog is just a bit of fun to test myself and see how well I really know formula 1.  It's simply for my own benefit to keep a record of how well my predictions do, and not intended as advice to be taken by anyone else.  If other formula 1 fans want to view my tips out of curiosity then that's fine, but I'm in no way proclaiming myself to be an amazing formula 1 expert.

In general I always like to wait until after qualifying before placing my bets, so to test whether that's the best strategy or not I made a few tips a couple of days ago before qualifying and now I'm going to make another set of tips to see which set of tips do best.  I'll give myself 100 points and place a few hypothetical bets using the odds available from and see how I do.

To Win Outright:
20 points on Lewis Hamilton at 1.61
Odds of 1.61 in a race with a field of 24 is hardly attractive, but on the other hand Lewis qualified on pole with almost half a second to spare.  Providing he avoids an accident then he has to be the strong favourite for the victory.  Admittedly, the tricky street circuit nature of the Singapore track mean that avoiding an accident is by no means a certainty, but nevertheless even at such short odds you have to fancy Lewis to take the victory.

To Win Outright (Eachway):
20 points on Pastor Maldonado at 19.0
Pastor Maldonado proved at Barcelona that he is capable of repeating a strong qualifying performance in the race, so at odds of 19.0 he looks worth a small punt in the eachway market.

To Finish On The Podium:
30 points on Fernando Alonso at 2.5
Fernando has been Mr Consistency this year and starting from 5th, the podium is well within his grasp.

To Finish In The Points (Top Ten Finish):
20 points on Bruno Senna at 5.0
Bruno Senna consistently seems to underperform in qualifying compared to his finishing race position so a starting position of 17th doesn't necessarily rule him out of a points finish.  In fact he has finished in the points on 7 out of 13 occasions so far this season, so at odds of 5.0 he looks a reasonable bet in this market.

Fastest Lap:
10 points on Michael Schumacher at 19.0
Between them, Michael and Nico have had three fastest laps from the last six Grand Prix, and the characteristics of the Mercedes mean that they seem to be consistenatly strong in the closing stages of races (when fastest lap is set due to low fiuel).  So in an unpredictable market, a small 10 point bet on Michael Schumacher seems to be as good a bet as any.

As already mentioned, I also placed a few hypothetical points bets before qualifying so I'll see how both sets of bets compare in tomorrow's race.

Disclaimer:  A small bet can make a formula 1 race more exciting but the unpredicatability of the sport mean that having a large bet is just stupid.  Gambling can be a risky business so never bet more than you can afford to lose.  The safest way to bet is with points rather than pounds, so if you'd like the chance to gamble risk-free with points for the chance to win cash prizes then a website worth visiting is  It's free to sign up and they offer cash prizes for the most successful punters in various sporting categories.  If you'd like to check it out then click on the link below:
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