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The Korean Grand Prix: Yeongam Post-Qualifying Tips

Formula 1 Tips For The Korean Grand Prix

Every Grand Prix weekend I give myself 100 points and place a few hypothetical bets using the odds available from and see how I do.  In general I always like to wait until after qualifying before placing my bets, so to test whether that's the best strategy or not, I place a selection of tips before and after qualifying and see which set of tips do best.  You can find my pre-qualifying tips here:

And here are my post-qualifying tips...

To Win Outright:
25 points on Mark Webber at 4.33
Mark Webber has had a poor spell by his standards recently but he tends to race strongly when he starts from the front row of the grid.  Of course, there’s the potential matter of team orders to consider but Mark is still in with a mathematical shout at the championship and given that he hasn’t taken too kindly to team orders in the past, I’m therefore going to risk 25 points on Webber to win outright at 4.33.

To Finish On The Podium:
20 points on Kimi Raikkonen at 5.5
You would have to say that with Webber, Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso starting on the front two rows of the grid, you would probably expect the podium to most likely come from those four drivers.  However, with the driver’s championship balanced the way it is we may see some very competitive opening laps so if there are any incidents then Kimi Raikkonen is well placed starting from fifth to take advantage if any of the front four encounter problems.  He wasn’t too far away from the front row pace during qualifying and therefore given the short odds available on the front four, I’m going to go for a small bet on Kimi for a podium at odds of 5.5.

To Win (Eachway):
10 points on Felipe Massa at 51.0
Usually I would stay away from Felipe Massa this season but his odds of 51.0 caught my attention.  Realistically, Felipe has very little chance of the outright win, but he showed in Suzuka that if the front runners encounter problems then he is capable of picking up the pieces.  An eachway bet in the hope that he manages another top three finish therefore looks worth a small punt of 10 points.

To Finish In The Points (Top Ten Finish):
10 points on Paul Di Resta at 2.25
Judging by his post-qualifying interview on BBC1 earlier this morning, Paul Di Resta clearly felt he could have qualified a lot higher up the grid if he hadn’t got traffic on his final run in Q2.  Starting from 14th a top ten position is very achievable and therefore given Paul’s apparent confidence in his long run pace he looks a decent bet to finish in the points at odds of 2.25.

Fastest Lap:
10 points on Kimi Raikkonen at 17.0
Sebastian Vettel has shown the best form in this market so far this season, but at odds of 2.87 looks prohibitively short to back in what is still an unpredictable market.  The Lotuses weren’t too far away from the front row pace in qualifying so at odds of 17.0, I’m going to go for a small bet on Kimi Raikonnen for fastest lap.

Top Six Finish:
15 points on Jenson Button at 2.5
Jenson messed up his qualifying but seems confident of having very strong race pace.  Starting from 11th, a top six position doesn't look too far out of the question so I'm going to go for a small bet on Jenson Button for a top six finish at odds of 2.5.

* Top Six Finish isn't offered at so for this bet I used the odds available at

Winning Margin:*
10 points on Under 6 Seconds at 1.83
Things look very competitive at the front of the field so a gap of under six seconds between the first two finishers in the race looks worth a small punt.

* Winning Margin isn't offered at so for this bet I used the odds available at

As already mentioned, I also placed a few hypothetical points bets before qualifying so I'll report back after tomorrow's race and see how the two sets of bets compare.

Disclaimer:  A small bet can make a formula 1 race more exciting but the unpredictable nature of the sport mean that having a large bet is just stupid.  Gambling can be a risky business so never bet more than you can afford to lose.  The safest way to bet is with points rather than pounds, so if you'd like the chance to gamble risk-free with points for the chance to win cash prizes then a website worth visiting is  It's free to sign up and they offer cash prizes for the most successful punters in various sporting categories.  If you'd like to check it out then click on the link below:
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