Thursday, 30 May 2013

Monaco Qualifying: Bet In Play Odds

The bet in play odds for the top drivers during Monaco qualifying.

At the Spanish Grand Prix I compiled a graph of how the bet in play odds changed during the Grand Prix, so this time out I decided to vary things slightly and monitor the bet in play odds during Monaco qualifying.

At various intervals throughout each qualifying session I recorded the odds available from SkyBet for the shortest priced drivers and then used the figures to produce the graph below.  Just to clarify, the graph is based on the odds for each driver to get pole position, not to win the actual Grand Prix.

As you can see, there wasn't a massive amount of movement during Q1 and Q2 with Fernando Alonso drifting out slightly being the most noticeable trend.  However, it was Q3 which saw most of the movement with both Red Bulls gaining momentum in the fastest qualifier betting market.  Mark Webber's odds tumbled significantly from his opening price and Sebastian Vettel looks to have been backed quite heavily during Q3 as right at the end he jumped ahead of Rosberg and Hamilton to finish the session as favourite for pole position

I've limited the graph to drivers who were priced at under 25.0 throughout the entire qualifying session, but a few other notable movers in the market were Pastor Maldonado who came down from 81.0 to 34.0 after setting the fastest time during Q1, and Romain Grosjean who was as low as 17.0 at one stage during Q2 (from an earlier 51.0) and was even briefly more fancied than team-mate Kimi Raikkonen.

Shade Tree PowersportsAs mentioned in my Monaco tips round-up, during qualifying Nico Rosberg's odds fluctuated between 1.91 and 3.25 so if you fancied him for pole then the time to back him was earlier in the week when he was available at a generous 4.5.

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