Thursday, 29 August 2013

Belgian Qualifying: Bet In Play Odds

The bet in play odds for the top drivers during qualifying at Spa.

The Belgian Grand Prix was far from beng a classic, but qualifying provided dramatic entertainment right up to the final seconds.

So to tell the story of qualifying from a betting point of view, I've recorded the 'bet in play' odds for the shortest priced drivers and then used the figures to produce the chart below.  Just to clarify, the graph is based on the odds for each driver to get pole position, not to win the actual Grand Prix.

The Bet In Play odds for qualifying at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Just for the record, Paul di Resta was as high as 101.00 at the start of Q3, but once it became apparent that his shrewd decision to go out on intermediates may well produce dividends, his odds rapidly began to plummet.  In fact with four minutes to go the bookies obviously decided things were too tough to call and that they were too exposed, and so they decided to suspend their Bet In Play market a few laps sooner than usual.

At the time the market was suspended Paul di Resta was priced at an incredibly skinny 1.05, and given that Paul had initially been priced at 101.0 you can assume that with a few minutes to go there were a lot of punters (myself included) watching qualifying with big smiles on their faces.  However, in the end the unpredictable weather of Spa changed yet again and the track dried out just enough to allow Hamilton to put in another brilliant lap and take his fourth consecutive pole.

It goes to show though, that when there's a wet qualifying session in progress, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on the Bet In Play odds, as there are some big wins to potentially be made, provided you can react quick enough to any changes before the bookies catch on.

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The Bet In play odds for the actual Grand Prix were fairly uneventful (much like the race itself), so in a few days' time I'll be moving onto my usual round-up of the form guide in various formula 1 betting markets and checking out which drivers have been the most profitable bets over the last few races.

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