Friday, 12 July 2013

German Grand Prix: Bet In Play Odds

The bet in play odds for the leading contenders during the German Grand Prix

The German Grand Prix gave us an exciting battle between Sebastian Vettel and the Lotus drivers, and, with the exception of Vettel, the odds of the leading contenders saw quite a bit of movement during the race, with six drivers priced at less than 20/1 at one time or another during the Grand Prix.

This is the chart which shows the bet in play odds throughout the race:

There was a short spell just before lap 50 where Kimi Raikkonen briefly replaced Vettel as the marginal favourite, but for the majority of the Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel was the bookie's choice to take the chequered flag.

During the early laps Romain Grosjean was regarded as a bit of an outsider and it wasn't until lap 11 when the bookies seemed to suddenly cotton on that he was a serious contender and his odds suddenly plummeted from 51.0 down to 9.0 in the space of one lap, and by lap 13 Grosjean had emerged as the second favourite behind Vettel.

Overall though, the graph isn't too surprising and it pretty much tells the story of the race.

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