Monday, 10 June 2013

Canadian Grand Prix: Tips Round-Up

"...finally we get it off the list and I'm very proud of that." ...Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel looked totally in control right from the opening lap of this year's Canadian Grand Prix so the only real drama was further down the field where Alonso, Webber and Hamilton has some decent battles.

Onto betting, and after a decent performance at Monaco and Spain, this time out my tips had a bit of a nightmare.  None of my 'Taking A Risk/Longer Priced' bets came off, so it was back to Earth with a bump after their success at Monaco.

The poor performance was due in part to the fact that when making my post-qualifying tips I gambled on a wet race.  Due to the degree of unpredictability that slippery conditions bring, I therefore decided to stay away from the favourites when making my predictions.  As we got a dry race and a podium of Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton it doesn't come as a surprise therefore that my tips had a disappointing weekend, to say the least.

To be fair though, the weather wasn't the only thing I got wrong, as the lack of a safety car also caught me out and had a knock-on effect with other tips, so overall this was one weekend to forget from a betting point of view.

Here's a brief summary of how my Shorter Priced predictions got on...

Post-Qualifying Tips:

My only shorter priced post-qualifying tips which came off were:

Paul Di Resta for a Top Ten Finish - 20 points at 2.29 - WIN 46 points
Number of Lap 1 Retirements - Nil - 20 points at 1.61 - WIN 32 points

Making an overall return of 78 points and therefore an overall loss of 22 points.

Paul di Resta has now finished in the points at every Grand Prix except for Malaysia where he retired with wheel nut issues, so his Top Ten odds are definitely worth keeping an eye on for the British Grand Prix.

'Number of Lap 1 Retirements - Nil' has been an excellent bet this season and if you'd backed it with a £1 bet at every Grand Prix, you'd have made a £4.45 profit.

Pre-Qualifying Tips:

My only shorter priced pre-qualifying tips which made a return were:

Mark Webber for a Top Six Finish - 20 points at 1.62 - WIN 32 points
Lewis Hamilton for an eachway win - 10 points at 6.0 - WIN 20 points*

*  1/5 the odds on the first 3 places for an eachway bet.

Making an overall return of 52 points and therefore an overall loss of 48 points.

This year's Canadian Grand Prix was a race which loosely followed the 2013 form guide more than it did the pattern of previous Canadian Grand Prix, so paying more attention to the 2013 form guide would have perhaps produced slightly better results.

Before Canada, Lewis Hamilton had been the most profitable Top Six bet in 2013 and his 3rd place meant that he continued his profitable run.  The most profitable bet in the Top Ten betting market has been Paul di Resta and his clever tyre strategy and strong race performance ensured he continued his run as an excellent Top Ten bet.

We now have a three week gap until the British Grand Prix and as usual I'll be analysing the statistics to produce a selection of 'Betting Profit' charts for the best formula 1 bets in various betting markets so far this season.

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