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The Singapore Grand Prix Form Guide: Part 5 - Miscellaneous Bets

Formula 1 Betting By Numbers

Today I'm going to round-off my analysis of the formula 1 form guide by covering a selection of miscellaneous betting markets such as fastest lap, fastest qualifier, etc.

The following form guide charts charts are based on the last six races and as usual I've weighted things in favour of recent results by applying the following multipliers for each Grand Prix: Canada 16.7%, Britain 33.3%, Germany 50%, Hungary 66.7%, Belgium 83.3% and Italy 100%.

Fastest Lap:

First up, here's the form guide for the fastest lap:

Fastest LapProfit*Winning Bet
Mark Webber 5.833
Lewis Hamilton2.501
Fernando Alonso1.501
Sebastian Vettel-0.581
Rest Of The Field-3.500

Please note, even in the few days before first practise, the odds can sometimes vary slightly, so I've generally tried to take the odds a few days before each Grand Prix as soon as the market opened.

Lewis put in the fastest lap at Monza, but Mark Webber remains the most successful 'fastest lap' driver based on recent form, with three fastest laps from the last six Grand Prix.

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Fastest Qualifier:

Next up is the form guide for 'Pole Position', which some bookies refer to as 'Fastest Q3 Qualifying Time':

Fastest QualifierProfitWinning Bet
Lewis Hamilton3.444
Sebastian Vettel0.082
Rest Of The Field-3.500

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have had a duopoly on pole position in recent races so they should be the first names to look for when considering a bet on pole position at Singapore.

Winning Margin:

Most bookies also offer a market on the Winning Margin of each Grand Prix and at SkyBet they go with 6 seconds as the dividing line:

Winning MarginProfitWinning Bet
Under 6 Seconds0.373
6 Seconds Or More-0.603

The average winning margin over the course of the season stands at 8.18 seconds, with the average winning margin over the last six races being almost identical at 8.20 seconds, so this remains a tricky market to predict.


Safety Car:

Here are the current statistics for Safety Car betting:

Safety CarProfitWinning Bet

Over the course of the season the safety car has only been called into action at three from twelve Grand Prix, but of course the enclosed nature of Singapore's Marina Bay Street Circuit will significantly incease the chances of a safety car period this weekend.  Expect the bookies therefore to price 'Safety Car - Yes' as the odds on favourite bet in this market.

Winning Team:

Finally, here's the current form guide for Winning Team:

Winning TeamProfitWinning Bet
Red Bull2.284
Rest Of The Field-3.500

As you can see at recent Grand Prix it's been a two horse race in the Winning Team market, although Ferrari look to have closed the gap to the front based on their performance at Monza and Spa.

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