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The Singapore Grand Prix Form Guide: Part 2 - Podium Finish

Formula 1 Betting By Numbers

Yesterday I analysed the most profitable formula 1 bets of 2013 in the Winning Driver market and today it's the turn of the Podium Finish betting market.

Once again I've produced two charts; the first weighted in favour of recent Grand Prix and the second based on the entire 2013 season.

Here's the first form chart:

'Betting Profit' Chart For Podium Finish (Current Form):

Podium FinishProfit*Winning Bet
Romain Grosjean2.501
Sebastian Vettel1.015
Fernando Alonso0.494
Mark Webber0.212
Lewis Hamilton-0.233
Kimi Raikkonen-0.422
Nico Rosberg-2.331
Rest Of The Field-3.500

* Profit weighted in favour of recent races.  To be specific, I've calculated the returns based on a standard £1 bet on the same driver at each of the previous six Grand Prix and then applied the following multipliers; Canada 16.7%, Britain 33.3%, Germany 50%, Hungary 66.7%, Belgium 83.3% and Italy 100%.

Last season it was Fernando Alonso who was the most consistent podium bet with 13 podiums throughout 2012, but on current form Sebastian Vettel has just edged Alonso out as the safest driver to go for, with five podiums from the last six Grand Prix.

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The second chart shows the 'Betting Profit' returns for the entire season...

'Betting Profit' Chart For Podium Finish (Entire Season):

Podium FinishProfit*Winning Bet
Romain Grosjean12.002
Kimi Raikkonen1.926
Sebastian Vettel1.269
Lewis Hamilton0.145
Mark Webber0.134
Fernando Alonso-0.237
Nico Rosberg-6.302
Felipe Massa-7.001
Rest Of The Field-12.000

* As a reminder, the 'Profit' column shows the amount of profit you would have made if you'd placed a £1 bet on the same driver at every Grand Prix this season.  Please note, even in the few days before first practise, the odds can sometimes vary slightly, so I've generally tried to take the odds a few days before each Grand Prix as soon as the market opened on SkyBet.

Four of the top five drivers in the championship would currently have earned you a profit (albeit a very slim profit in some cases), so in general the statistics would suggest that it's best to stick to the favourites when considering a podium bet.  As mentioned previously, however, Romain Grosjean has been by far the best bet to go for if you're prepared to take more of a risk and looking for a longer priced punt.

. . . . . . . .

Over the next few days I'll be rounding up the formula 1 form guide charts for Top Six Finish, Top Ten Finish and Miscellaneous Bets.

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